• Ham Radio Beam

    Amateur Radio Learn new skills and make new friends around the World.

  • Spacecoast Club Field Day

    Find a Local Club Your local club has many resources to help you get started in the hobby and service.

  • ARES Vehicle

    ARRL ARESYour local Amateur Radio Emergency Service- serving local groups and government agencies

  • National Weather Service

    National Weather Service SKYWARN trained weather spotters often use Ham Radio to relay information during and after weather events

  • Projects and Technical Help

    Exciting ARRL Projects from the League- and tons of local technical help for our members.

Have FUN

Field Day 2017 was AMAZING. WA4AW and KB1PA traveled a bit over 500 miles visiting Field Day sites. other Assistant Section Managers also traveled around visiting local club field day sites. Now that all the equipment has been re-stowed, its time to follow up with those that visited your sites. Please get involved in your local club activities, mentor a newly licensed Ham, get involved in ARES and most important have fun with this amazing hobby.

Our Served Agencies

  • State of Florida Emergency Response Team (SERT)
  • Federal Communications Commision
  • American Red Cross