• Ham Radio Beam

    Amateur Radio Learn new skills and make new friends around the World.

  • Spacecoast Club Field Day

    Find a Local Club Your local club has many resources to help you get started in the hobby and service.


    ARRL ARESYour local Amateur Radio Emergency Service- serving local groups and government agencies

  • National Weather Service

    National Weather Service SKYWARN trained weather spotters often use Ham Radio to relay information during and after weather events

  • Projects and
            Technical Help

    Exciting ARRL Projects from the League- and tons of local technical help for our members.

Have FUN

Its April, when our seasonal hams migrate north and west. Have a safe healthy summer, and see you in the Fall ! Field Day is coming soon. Has your club registered on the ARRL Field Day Locator? Wet season will be here soon, be sure all your supplies are good and equipment checked out. Please get involved in your local club activities, mentor a newly licensed Ham, get involved in ARES and most important have fun with this amazing hobby.

Our Served Agencies

  • State of Florida Emergency Response Team (SERT)
  • Federal Communications Commision
  • American Red Cross