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After a glorious day at the Okeechobee Hamfest in the woods, the next few events are the Southwest Florida Hamfest on Jan 19 & 20 2018 in Fort Meyers , and The Southern Florida Section Convention in Stuart on

March 17 2018.

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Hurricane Wilma

Twelve years ago today Hurricane Wilma moved across South Florida. The eye went right over #PBC then off the coast late morning

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Amateur Radio Volunteers in Puerto Rico Meet a Variety of Communication Needs


Amateur Radio volunteers deployed as American Red Cross volunteers to Puerto Rico, as part of the “Force of 50” last weekend, have been focusing their efforts where their help is most needed.

“The American Red Cross gave us priority directive to move six of our operators to various highly impacted sites on the island,” volunteer Valerie Hotzfeld, NV9L, said…

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Revised ARRL Frequency Chart Now Available

An updated ARRL frequency chart is now available for printing and downloading at http://www.arrl.org/graphical-frequency-allocations. The chart has been updated to include our new bands at 2,200 and 630 meters.

The new chart is available in the following PDF formats:


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Amateur Radio’s Force of Fifty Answers the Red Cross Call in Puerto Rico





Fifty of the nation’s most accomplished Amateur Radio operators responded within 24 hours to the call of the American Red Cross to deploy to Puerto Rico and provide emergency communications. At the behest of Red Cross, ARRL rallied the US Amateur Radio community to provide up…

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