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Leadership Challenges Set in ARRL Rocky Mountain, Southeastern Divisions


ARRL members in the Rocky Mountain and Southeastern Divisions will choose between incumbents and challengers in balloting for Division leadership positions this fall. In the Rocky Mountain and Southeastern Divisions, contests exist for the Director’s seat. In the Southwestern Division, the incumbent Vice Director is…

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Ron Schoner, K4OIL of Palm City  has accepted the appointment

as the  SFL Affiliated Club Coordinator. Ron is the sitting President of the

Martin Counrty ARA and has been licensed since 1992. Welcome aboard Ron!

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Please keep these frequencies clear

There was been a large Earthquake in Central Italy. Please keep these frequencies clear

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Amateur Radio Volunteers Responding to Louisiana Flooding Catastrophe UPDATED 2016-08-15@1808 UTC]

Amateur Radio volunteers are responding to help, after flooding of historic proportions struck parts of Louisiana and Mississippi over the weekend in the wake of torrential rainfall. States of emergency have been declared in both states, and the federal government has declared Louisiana a major disaster area. Louisiana Section Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®) has…

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MARS Sets Interoperability Communications Exercise for August 15

US Department of Defense (DOD) Military Auxiliary Radio Service (MARS) operators in the US, Germany, and Japan, will take part in an interoperability communications exercise in August. The exercise will take place on Monday, August 15, from 1200 UTC to 2359 UTC.

The focus of the exercise is “to train during a simulated communications-constrained…

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