ARRL SFL PR Challenge

“We have a good product. We just don't sell it well.” This is what ARRL President Emeritus, Jim Haynie W5JBP, often said. So, to further the knowledge that the public has of Amateur Radio, the Southern Florida Section is announcing a Public Relations Challenge, to be known as SFL PR Challenge. The purpose is to increase the number of Publicity Hits in our area.


  1. The Challenge will begin 00:00:00 April 1, 2019 and end March 31, 2020 at 23:59:59, Eastern Time.

  2. Eligibility: Any Club, ARRL affiliated or nonaffiliated, or ARES group that is a separate organization. (Club and ARES entrants may not be a combined ARES/Club entity.) It is not necessary to have an ARRL-appointed PIO.

  3. Points for a Publicity Hit may be claimed by a club or ARES group if the hit mentions both, BUT both groups CANNOT claim the points. Decide between you who claims points, otherwise the judges will award points to the first submission received. Hits citing multiple clubs may not be claimed by any of the clubs—for example, a release sent to media and published, listing all Field Day sites in the area.

  4. Points must be claimed for published and/or broadcast publicity hits, not just the press release. All points claimed MUST be documented to the judges. We cannot just take your word for it.

  5. Points should be submitted monthly, since some online access to items expires or a membership to the publication is required. Submissions MUST go to Scan all news and magazine articles and submit them to the e-mail address. You may submit items on a flow basis or submit once a month.

  6. Points will be awarded as follows:

    •   25 base points for having a PIO assigned to the club.

    •   1 point for each meeting notice published

    •   2 points if meeting notice includes notice of a special program/speaker. Presentation by a club member does not qualify

    •   5 points for published article written by PIO or club member

    •   10 points for published article written by reporter or aired on radio or television – tape of broadcast or URL to access broadcast is required. Alternatively, a letter or verifiable e-mail from station management indicating when the article or notice was broadcast.

  •   Social Media: 1 point per month for minimum average of 4 posts per month. Must be maintained throughout the year. Each social media platform is eligible for individual points.

  •   10 points for a continuously updated web site.

  •   1 point for club activity, other than announcements of meetings, hamfests, and special

    event stations, posted on ARRL website, social media, or in QST.

  •   Presentation about amateur radio to a civic or religious organization. 5 Points each, Documentation must come from the organization sponsoring the event.

  •   Public display such as hurricane fair, sheriff's night out etc. 5 Points each, Documentation must come from the organizaton sponsoring the event.

  1. No points will be awarded for holding a licensing or mentoring class. The ads for the class and the follow-up notices will earn appropriate points.

  2. No points given for mass e-mail to members to the radio group or to other radio groups.

  3. 1 point per mass e-mail of group's notice to a non-radio e-mail list (example: United Way, Salvation Army, CERT)

  4. Releases published in any form, written by Section Manager, Public Information Coordinator, or Assistant Public Information Coordinator are not eligible for points. (You may quote the three Section Leadership individuals in your releases or postings with proper attribution, but not obtain credit for verbatim use of documents written by then).

  5. Decision of the judges will be final.

  6. Prize awarded to the winning group will be other than “a certificate suitable for framing.”