Today is the 25th anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Andrew in
south Dade County. I was working for the Florida Forest Service and
spent many months assisting to restore the State communications
infrastructure in that devastated area. I had the opportunity to work
with many dedicated communications professionals and amateur radio
operators, some of whom traveled many miles to assist those in need in
South Florida. We worked out of the old Dade County EOC on Miller and
Galloway Roads. 

Unless you were there, you have no idea of the mass devastation that
permeated the Homestead area. Our Homestead Forestry Center was leveled
except for the shop building and our new radio tower in Florida City was
on the ground. Out of the many hams who answered the call to assist in
the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, I wish to recognize one who gave his
life assisting his neighbors in need.

Herbert Engelman, KD4OZY, a Palm Beach County school teacher from Lake
Worth, was helping unload a helicopter with supplies at the staging
area. Herb was struck by lightning and died shortly after. A bronze
plaque honoring Herb is in the lobby of the Palm Beach EOC. The plaque
was paid for by many generous donations from the amateur radio

I hope we don't ever see another Andrew, however, if we do, I know we
can depend on our dedicated team of amateur radio operators to answer
the call. 

Let's all work together to benefit amateur radio in South Florida. My
thanks for all that you do.

Vy 73,

Jeff, WA4AW