To All those that VOLUNTEER their time and expertise for the betterment of HAM Radio, THANK YOU! you are appreciated more than you realize!


The ARRL Southern Florida Section Leadership Team


Volunteer Recognition Day 2017
April 20, 2017 in the World

Volunteer Recognition Day is celebrated on April 20, 2017. It honors all volunteers who are working on behalf of others without being motivated by financial or material gain. You can celebrate Volunteer Recognition Day by thanking volunteers for their work, involving yourself in a volunteer activity or by donating to a volunteer group.

Volunteering is generally considered an altruistic activity and is intended to promote good or improve human quality of life. In return, this activity produces a feeling of self-worth and respect; however, there is no financial gain. Volunteering is also renowned for skill development, socialization, and fun. It is also intended to make contacts for possible employment.

Many volunteers are specifically trained in the areas they work, such as medicine, education, or emergency rescue. Others serve on an as-needed basis, such as in response to a natural disaster.

Where is the event?
When is the event?
Thursday, the 20th of April 2017