Object: Everyone works Florida, Florida works Everyone
Activate and work ALL Florida counties
Have as much FUN as possible!

When: April 25 - April 26, 2015
Two ten hour operating periods, with a ten hour break:
Saturday, April 25 1600Z (Noon EDT) - 0159Z (9:59 PM EDT)
Sunday, April 26 1200Z (8 AM EDT) - 2159Z (5:59 PM EDT)
20 Hours total

Exchange: RST and County (Florida stations)
RST and QTH (State, Province or Country for non-FL)

Where: 10, 15, 20 and 40 Meters
CW : 28.035, 21.035, 14.035, 7.035
SSB: 28.485, 21.335, 14.260, 7.195
(Approximate center frequencies; lots of activity spreads out from there!)

At least 15 Mobile stations will be on and most can be found here:
CW: 7.025-7.035, 14.040-14.050, 21.040-21.050, 28.040-28.050 MHZ
SSB: 7.180-7.190, 14.265-14.275, 21.340-21.350, 28.480-28.490 MHz
If you are not mobile, *please* refrain from calling CQ in these windows.

Single Op, Multi Op, Multi-Multi, Mobile, Technician and School.
Three power levels: QRP, Low, and High Power.
Use CW, SSB or both.

18th Anniversary Special Event Award-  2015 FQP Spelling Bee! 
Contact all six 1x1 stations during the 2015 FQP whose suffixes spell “ORANGE” 
The callsigns and hosts are: 
All six stations will be on both modes full-time and should be very accessible. QSL the six 1x1 calls active in FQP via KK3Q direct or via bureau.

Prizes: Beautiful color Certificates for top participants
Plaques for top finishing entrants.

Web Site: http://www.floridaqsoparty.org/
Detailed rules, mobile routes, past results, plaques, county maps and much more! 

Logs to logs@floridaqsoparty.org or via US mail to WD4AHZ, please.

Any questions or feedback? Please feel free to reply to my e-mail:  cqdenx4n@gmail.com

THANK YOU in advance for making the 2015 FQP another terrific event!


Chris, NX4N- on behalf of:

Dan, K1TO
President, Florida Contest Group, proud sponsors of the FQP since 1998