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World Amateur Radio Day on April 18 Marks IARU’s 92nd Anniversary

World Amateur Radio Day (WARD) on Tuesday, April 18, will mark the 92nd anniversary of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU), and radio amateurs around the world will take to the airwaves to celebrate the day in 1925 that the IARU was formed in Paris. “Celebrating…

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Centennial of Amateur Radio Blackout for World War I

On April 6, 1917 The US entered WW1, and Amateur Radio was blacked out until Nov 1919.


World War I commenced in Europe in August 1914, and the US, under President Woodrow Wilson, was determined to remain neutral. As the fighting and the enemy’s resolve intensified, however, and Germany began sinking ships attempting to evade a naval blockade of England as well as non-military…

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Anniversary of the first ham radio transmission.

According to todays paper, on Saturday March 18  in 1909 Einar Dessau of Denmark used a shortwave transmitter to converse with a government radio post about 6 miles away in what is believed to have

been the first broadcast by a ham radio operator.

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Special Event: Pelicans On The Air - Saturday, March 11

Special Event: Pelicans On The Air - Saturday, March 11

Saturday, March 11, 2017


(Note: This is not an Islands On The Air event)


The Vero Beach Amateur Radio Club will participate in
commemorating the 114th year of designating Pelican
Island as the 1st National Wildlife Refuge. History of
Pelican Island can be found on their web site at:…

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20th Anniversary Florida QSO Party, April 29 - 30th, 2017.

Florida QSO Party,  April 29 - 30th, 2017.

20th Anniversary Special Event Award 2017 FQP Spelling Bee! 


In honor of our 20th year we will have a record 20 1x1s stations, 2 per

letter, to spell FLORIDA SUN.

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