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PLEASE don't let your guard down.

since 1851 there have been 8 Cat4 orCat5 Hurricanes to hit the Southern Florida Section. PLEASE don’t let your guard down.


cat4 and 5

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remember the sacrifice of Herbert Engelman, KD4OZY

Today is the 25th anniversary of the landfall of Hurricane Andrew in
south Dade County. I was working for the Florida Forest Service and
spent many months assisting to restore the State communications
infrastructure in that devastated area. I had the opportunity to work
with many dedicated communications professionals…

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Hurricane Andrew 25th Anniversary

25 years ago today, Hurricane Andrew had its eye aimed at Palm Beach County. Tomorrow,

Hurricane Andrew decided to Jog South and Devastated the Homestead area of Florida. Always

be ready.

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Congratulations to Florida Keys ARC

Congratulations to the Florida Keys Amateur Radio Club for becoming the 6000th Weather Ready Nation Ambassador! @NWSKeyWest @WRNAmbassadors

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ARRL Parity Act FAQ

ARRL has posted an Amateur Radio Parity Act FAQ  http://www.arrl.org/files/file/Regulatory/The%20Amateur%20Radio%20Parity%20Act%20FAQ.pdf

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